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before and after painting work

Interior Painting Boston

A fresh coat of painting can work miracles for any residential or commercial painting project.  A new coat of paint add immediate value to your home and will increase your return on your most valuable asset - your property! 

If you have ever tried to correct damaged walls or change a paint color for a room, you know how difficult it can be to achieve the desired results. Lou's painting company and our years of experience and expertise painting residential and commercial properties can help you achieve professional results. 

Lou's painting company work

Painting Preparation Lays the Foundation 

We will acquire all the materials necessary to protect your home and start painting. Furniture, floors, rugs and other personal property located in the area to be painted will be covered with either drop cloths or poly plastic sheets.


The protective materials used with be kept at your home from the beginning until the end of the interior painting project.

Lou's painting company work

Interior Painting Experience

  • Baseboard Painting

  • Basement Painting

  • Bedroom, bathroom Painting

  • ​Cabinet Painting

  • ​Crown moldings, Hand Rail Painting

  • Family Rooms, Play Room Painting

  • ​French Door Painting

  • ​Kitchens, Laundry Room Painting

  • Living Rooms, Dining Room Painting

  • ​Office Painting

  • Walls, Ceiling, Door Painting

Before and after painting job

Painting Finish 

As soon the painting project is finished we will walk through the project with you to make sure that the work was done to your satisfaction.


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